Specialized in Developing and Manufacturing Medicated and Functional Confectionery

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Leading provider of medicated and functional confectionery as a novel drug delivery system to address the unmet healthcare needs across the globe.


Lozen Pharma Pvt. Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing medicated and functional confectionery products for the international OTC healthcare market. Medicated confectionery is a globally accepted alternative drug delivery system that is tasty, enjoyable and palatable. Medicated Confectionery/Lozenges are alternative to conventional dosage forms of tablets and capsules that dissolve in the mouth over a period of time and need not be swallowed thus making it easier for pediatric and geriatric patients. The benefits of medicated lozenges is to increase the retention time of the dosage form in oral cavity which increases bioavailability, reduces gastric irritation and bypasses first pass metabolism. Thus, it is ideally suited for the delivery of OTC medication such as cold and cough remedies and nutritional supplements.

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Our Products

These are some of the formulations from our diverse range of products. We also develop products as per client’s requirement because we believe that Innovation is key to success.


   Well researched formulations under precise manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control methods

   Electronically controlled, fully automated, high performance German machines carry out all the processes

   Each process area is filled with independent air-handling units

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